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New Oral Medication Standards Improve Safety of Pediatric Patients

Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants is one of several organizations to review and support the new standards in Pediatric Compounded Oral liquids now available online at www.mipedscompounds.org. The first listing of its kind in the state, these guidelines include standard concentrations for more than 110 different medications in a variety of therapeutic categories.

Through the new website managed by the University of Michigan and the Michigan Pharmacists Association, pharmacists and care providers can easily access recommended prescription dosages and reduce potentially harmful medication errors. For a complete listing of Pediatric Compounded Oral Liquids standards, visit www.mipedscompounds.org.

For more information, click here: https://www.uofmhealth.org/news/archive/201402/u-m-leads-state-effort-create-new-standards-kids%E2%80%99-medicine

MAPA Submits Proposed Health Code Changes to the Governor

The Michigan Department of Community Health, along with Governor Snyder, invited MAPA and other key health care organizations to weigh in on the Public Health Code (law) and suggest changes that will streamline and modernize the code.  Lawrence Burns, the chair of the Public Health Advisory Committee and the body that is charged with the responsibility to collect all the proposed changes, said, "As a valued member of the health care community in Michigan, your input is very important.  I encourage you and your membership base to participate in this important project."  From all the input that is gathered, he explained, a set of recommendations will be presented to the MDCH Director and the Governor.  After those considerations are made, the Governor will work with the legislature to introduce bills, or incorporate into existing bill language, that reflect the selected suggestions. 

In response to the call for input, MAPA put together a workgroup to address the concerns that MAPA has with the Health Code. "I'm very proud of our workgroup and all the time and energy spent on generating comprehensive recommendations", said Jay Kaszyca, president of MAPA.  The workgroup analyzed key areas of the Code that affect PAs and submitted suggested updated language and, in some cases, deletion of language.  Most of the changes from MAPA reflected many of the components of Senate Bill 568, a bill introduced by Senator Jim Marleau.  "This keeps the recommendations to the Governor consistent with pending legislation", said Brian Gallagher, chair of the MAPA Legislative Committee.  "We want to ensure that there is continuity between the executive office and the legislature with SB 568 and the needs of PAs practicing in Michigan." 

The component that MAPA submitted for consideration are as follows:

  • Remove language that specifies limits on how may PAs a physician can supervise
  • Remove the apostrophe "s" from "Physician's Assistant" in the law
  • Remove PAs as a "sub-field" of medicine in favor of a specific definition in medicine, as well as looking at terms other than "supervision" that would define a PA/physician relationship
  • Add PAs as a "Prescriber" in the Health Code
  • Clarification regarding a PAs ability to pronounce death
  • Allowing PAs to sign a death certificate
  • Remove language that allows PAs to be supervised by podiatrists

The deadline for submission was December 13, 2013, but there is no indication, as of yet, when the Governor will arrive at specific recommendations for legislative action.  In the meantime, MAPA is hopeful that this process will further encourage dialog between the Governor's office, departments, legislature and the PA profession. MAPA will update the membership as this progresses.


Ron L. Nelson Award of Achievement

The Ron L. Nelson Award of Achievement is a prestigious award presented by the Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants and the award will not necessarily be an annual event. 

The award:

  • Will be presented in recognition of an individual that demonstrates exemplary service to the PA profession and the community and furthers the image of physician assistants
  • Honors an individual that has had a broad and significant impact on the PA profession in Michigan
  • Does not require nominees to be PAs or MAPA members

Please complete the nomination form online, more award information can be found here. The deadline for submissions is September 1.

State Rescinds Sympathomimetic Rules

In January 2013, MPA informed members of pharmacy audit issues pertaining to prescribing
sympathomimetic medications. On March 19, the Bureau of Health Care Services announced that R
333.2303 and R 338.108 were rescinded from the Board of Medicine and Board of Osteopathic Medicine
and Surgery administrative rules.

To continue reading the article, Click Here


Wishing you the best in this New Year and we are excited to give you some great news to start it of. The Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants is proud to announce Governor Rick Snyder has signed Senate Bill #1145 into law and it now becomes PA (Public Act) 618.  

From the Governor:
"SB 1145, sponsored by state Sen. Jim Marleau, fixes an oversight in
PA 210 of 2011 to ensure that provisions relating to the allowable
authority of physician’s assistants apply to all physician’s
assistants, whether they are working under a medical doctor or
osteopathic physician. The bill now is PA 618."

BACKGROUND:  A legal opinion of PA 210 of 2011 stated, the language in PA 210 authorizing MDs and DOs to delegate to a PA the ability to prescribe schedule II medications was not the same in the MD and DO sections.  Based on that opinion, PAs prescribing under MD's had full prescriptive authority of Schedule II-V medications, IF delegated by their supervising physician, but PAs writing under DOs did not. Public Act 618 (SB 1145) corrects that language.   
As we move forward in this New Year, we have a lot to be thankful for and a very special thanks goes out to Executive Director Mike DeGrow, who stewarded this bill through a very hectic and frantic end of year legislative session.  Thanks to MAPA's Legislative Committee led by Past MAPA President, Greg Bennett PA-C. Another special thanks goes out to Senator Jim Marleau who chairs the Health Policy Committee and saw the wisdom of getting this bill passed.  Finally a special thanks to you, MAPA's members, who continue to support the organization in Michigan that represents your professional interests.  Keep us informed of any practice issues that you encounter and we will continue to do the job that you elected us for.

We hope to see you at our Spring CME on March 22nd/23rd in Livonia, Michigan. This CME will be heavy on professional issues with AAPA leaders coming in to speak to Michigan's PAs on issues important to our practice.  Also on May 22nd is our Legislative Day in Lansing, Michigan.  This will be a very important day for PAs to introduce our profession to the 70 or so new legislators in Michigan.  Don’t be surprised if we have another bill in front of the legislature that we will ask the legislators to support. 

Remember, MAPA continues to be the essential resource for the physician assistant profession in Michigan and the primary advocate for physician assistants in the state, and we couldn't do it without you! . 

Ron X. Stavale PA-C
President, Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants

After MAPA successfully passed recent legislation that allows PAs the ability to write Schedule II drugs in any setting, we are offering this evaluation and risk assessment tool for your use. PERFORM® is designed to provide the healthcare professional with information and tools to assess the risk of medication misuse in patients who require opioid therapy. This resource was developed by a panel of experts and features a journal-sized binder and interactive CD-ROM. It includes interactive case studies, documentation, monitoring information and patient and staff education tips. 

Click Here to order your FREE copy of PERFORM®. Orders in quantities in excess of 100 can be placed by contacting the Medical Education Department at MedEdResources@pharma.com.

Public Act 210 of 2011 & DEA Schedule Modifications

On Tuesday, November 8, 2011, Governor Rick Snyder signed SB 384 into law. The new law is now known as: Public Act 210 of 2011. This new law removes barriers to health care access... More

DEA Requirements / Forms

Go to this link to download sample forms that can be used by PAs or Facilities 

Snyder appoints five members to Task Force on PAs

LANSING, Mich. - Gov. Rick Snyder today announced the appointment of five members to the Michigan Task Force on Physician’s Assistants.

The task force regulates physician’s assistants in Michigan and provides a system to determine and approve the qualifications of physician’s assistants.

“As we work to increase access to medical care, physician’s assistants are taking on an ever-larger amount of responsibility for patient care,” Snyder said. “These appointees will work to make sure patients receive care from qualified, committed physician’s assistants.” For the full article, click here

Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery Members Appointed

LANSING, Mich. - Gov. Rick Snyder today announced the appointment of Catherine Heise, of Plymouth, and James Kilmark, of Belleville, to the Michigan Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery.
“These individuals bring unique experiences and backgrounds to the board,” Snyder said. “I look forward to their work and diligence in ensuring Michigan’s citizens are given proper care and treatment.”
For full details on release click here.

Sept 11, 2010

For the first time in history the only three professions licensed to practice medicine in Michigan met together with common purpose.  Leadership from The Michigan State Medical Society, The Michigan Osteopathic Association, The Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants and a liaison from the American Academy of Physician Assistants met to address how best to serve the medical needs of the State of Michigan in light of the looming physician shortage and the expanded access to health care due to The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The groups agreed that health care delivery through the physician-directed medical team that includes non-physician providers is a proven, cost effective and efficient model.  The three organizations developed the following consensus statement as a result:

"We are mutually committed to continuing to improve safe access to health care by providing patient-centered quality care within an integrated, coordinated, physician-led team."

The coordinated effort and its effectiveness has been noticed throughout the nation.  Recently, the AMA President released a mission statement based upon the work done here in Michigan.

Call for MAPA newsletter articles

All Michigan PAs are involved in communities.  Some have served in Iraq and some helped out with devastations caused by natural disasters.  Let's get more of this into our newsletters! 
Let us know of PAs in your area who are going above and beyond the call of duty to serve America.  Also, let us know of any exciting news you think deserves some recognition and publicity.  Email articles to
mapa@michiganpa.org or call 734-353-4752 if you have any questions.  Please include your full name and contact information with your article submission.

Once we receive your article, it will be proof read and approved by the committee.  You will then get an email confirming your article will be used. Thank you in advance for your submission.  We look forward to it.

Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants

The Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants is the essential resource for the Physician Assistant profession in Michigan and the primary advocate for Physician Assistants in the state. Since 1974, the Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants has been dedicated to the promotion of professional growth, enhancement of the PA practice environment, and preservation of the PA/physician team concept.

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